Restumping a structure involves replacing older stumps on the subfloor with newer ones due to several reasons. The main reasons include settling of the house as a result of soil movement and wooden stumps that are rotting due to termite damage or excessive moisture.

Reblocking is the process of building foundations beneath your existing ones. The main reason for reblocking is to strengthen existing foundations. As a result, the weight of your home will be more evenly spread and further movement will be prevented.

Who We Are

At Maribyrnong & Hobson’s Bay Reblocking, we understand how difficult disasters can be on families. That’s why we work tirelessly to inspire hope by restoring your home back to its original condition. We do everything in our power to restore, replace, and repair damages caused by anything that your home may face in times of crisis. We know it’s difficult enough to experience these events, that’s why we want you to get back to a normal life as soon as possible.

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Our Mission

Our business has one singular focus – to get families back to their homes and normal lives. Disasters and traumatic events that can make our homes safe are some of the most trying instances we can deal with. We want to alleviate the pain caused by these events by restoring your home to exactly the way it was.

How Restoration Works

Eliminate the Source of the Damage

The first step to getting your home back to normal is making sure that the source of the damage has been removed from your home.

Identify the Damage

Once your home is safe, we’ll perform an inspection. This allows us to determine what needs to be repair and what equipment we’ll need.

Repair and Restore

After the inspection, our team will work promptly to ensure your home is livable and restored to its previous state.

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